ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs and marketers looking to scale their business and build a predictable "recession proof" profit machine... 

I’m Finally Sharing The 7-Figure Social Media and Sales Funnel Secrets I Used to Add $634,000 to my business in Six Months (While Working Less than Ever before and Living my Perfect life)
The Pandemic Proof “Phone Money Blueprint” - Just Swipe and Deploy This Step-By-Step System to Make an Extra Mortgage Payment by the End of the Week
(Even During a Recession)

I'm Revealing the EXACT Steps, Word-for-Word Scripts, Ads, Templates and Funnels I used to Build a $2MM/Year “Recession Proof” Business… 

… And Now YOU Can Use Them for Yourself to Launch Your First $10K/month+ Online Business or Take Your Current Biz to the Million Dollar Level! 

Imagine this for a second... 

You wake up on a typical Tuesday morning and open your phone to a FLOOD of sales notifications... 

... Letting you know that you’d made $1,000, $2,000, or even $3,000 while you slept

...WITHOUT working 80+ hours a week or dealing with the stress and anxiety of high-maintenance clients. 

And even better? 

By using the power of automated digital marketing... your business is "anti-fragile." 

Meaning that you'll CONTINUE to make sales no matter how bad the economy gets... who's in the White House... or whether we're forced into another wave of lockdown 

I know it might sound crazy… 

But that’s exactly what happened for me and my business in 2020 when I learned how to combine the power of... 
  •  Organic (i.e. FREE) Social Media marketing  
  •  Copywriting 
  • ​Funnel building 
  • ​Paid Advertising 
... To turn my business  into a predictable profit machine… 

…That brings in sales whether I’m working on my business, at the park with my pup Daisy, or out for a date night with my Fiance, Michelle. 


Because of what I'm about to share with you... 

DESPITE the pandemic, recession, and chaos of 2020... 

I was able to add more than $640,000 in revenue to my business last year. 

But it wasn't just my business... 

... The systems I'm about to share with you helped DOZENS of my clients have their BEST year ever. 

Making their FIRST 7-figures... 

Doubling their income... 

Even scaling to more than $1MM/MONTH! 

So if you want to learn the exact scripts, formulas, and strategies my millionaire clients and I used to DOMINATE our biggest goals in 2020... 

... And get access to a proven system for building your very own "Pandemic Proof Profit Machine." 

Then this page is for you. 

For the First Time Ever You Can Get Access to the EXACT 7-Figure Funnel Scripts and Marketing Systems I Share with My $25k/Day Clients so YOU Can Scale Your Business While Working Less than Ever Before and Living Your Dream Life 

My Fellow Entrepreneurs, 

If you're ready to take your business to the next level  and unlock a proven system to generate instant income on command… 

So you can save or grow your business... 

WITHOUT wasting time on cold calling, blogging, SEO, and other "slow lane" marketing strategies...  

... This will be one of the most important message you ever read. 

Here's why:

Hi, my name is Craig Ballantyne. I’m a best-selling author and business coach with over 5,000 students and clients around the world -- including 8-figure entrepreneurs, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, New York Times best-selling authors, and Hollywood Actors. 

I’ve personally helped more than 250 business owners just like you build 7-figure businesses in as little as 6 months.

More importantly, I’ve helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs go from “broke to financially free” in as little as 3 weeks

Some of them have even earned thousands of dollars overnight ... and I’ll show you exactly how they did it below.

But here’s the crazy part. 

Even though Entrepreneur Magazine named me a “Business Titan” and “Social Media Expert” back in 2019. 

Only a few short years ago.. 

I couldn’t market on social media or build a winning sales funnel  if my life depended on it!


In fact, my friends and clients regularly made fun of me because I was “that guy” who still used a 2010 2016.

And before I learned the system I’m going to share with you today, this was a BIG problem. 
Because I was in the middle of one of the biggest career changes in my life. 
I’d just shut down my $5.5 million/year Turbulence Training fitness business and decided to dive into business coaching and consulting full time. 
The problem was, even as an acclaimed business coach (with four 7-figure successes under his belt), I was struggling to transition from “Old School” marketing to the new way of marketing.
And frankly… I was scared that I was going to get left behind as a “dinosaur”.  
Can you relate?

My website Early to Rise was generating a ton of traffic (more than 200,000 unique visitors a month at the time) but few qualified leads. 

My email marketing was ridiculously good...but apparently the members of my list who wanted a “15 minute 6 pack” and “metabolic belly buster” programs weren’t the best fit for exclusive high-end business consulting (go figure). 

I had guest posts, podcast appearances, and guest speaking gigs galore... But they barely pulled in enough to fuel my Quest Bar addiction. 

No matter how hard I tried or what I tried, I just couldn’t grow my business using the same strategies that worked back in 2009… even though I was doing everything I was “supposed” to do


  • I self-published a best-selling book The Perfect Day Formula (40,000 copies and counting)
  • ​​I wrote more than 2,976 blog posts (yes, that’s the actual number)
  • I sent 1-2 emails a day to my list of more than 213,000 people
  • ​I did more than 337 podcast interviews to get more leads
But nothing worked. 

And when I told my peers and “old school” mentors about this, they told me to “Do more podcast interviews” and “Write more blog content”. 

They said I just wasn’t marketing “hard” enough.

But those things only gave me more anxiety… adding more work to my plate with almost nothing to show for it… 

If I’m being honest, I started to wonder if I’d made the right decision shutting down a multimillion dollar business to become a full-time coach. 

Then one day, by a stroke of pure luck, my friend and business partner Bedros Keuilian gave me a piece of advice that would change my life forever

He said:

Dude! You’re marketing your services the old way. If you aren't selling on Instagram and running ads to a winning funnel  you're going to get left behind.” 

Now… I wish I could say that I immediately took action on his advice, launched my accounts, built a funnel, ran a few ads and the rest was history. 

But the truth is, I stubbornly ignored him for almost a year. 

I convinced myself that the whole social media and funnel game “wasn’t for me.” 

And I used every excuse in the book to do it…

  • Lame Excuse #1:  No one buys coaching online.
  • ​Lame Excuse #2:  Social media is just for college kids.
  • ​Lame Excuse #3:  I’m not an influencer with a ton of followers
  • ​Lame Excuse #4:  I don’t know what to post
  • ​Lame Excuse #5:  I don’t know how to run ads or build a funnel.
And so I continued using the same outdated tactics I had for a decade… and continued getting the same lame results

Eventually, after a month of painfully low revenue, I decided to bite the bullet and take his advice. 

I started by launching an Instagram account to try and sell my coaching... 

And for the first few months, nothing happened

I generated a grand total of 500 followers and $0 and if I’m being honest… I was happy about it in a twisted sort of way. 

Because I thought that I was “right”... This whole "Social Selling" thing doesn’t work for my business! 

Well… That’s what I thought. 

But then, while I was sitting at the airport, I realized that I was very very very wrong

One of my followers had sent me a DM wanting to learn more about my coaching services. 

I didn’t think anything would come from it, but I had nothing better to do so I started a conversation with him and answered his questions. 

And then he sent me a message I’ll never forget. 

“I’m down… send me a link and I’ll go ahead and send you the payment.” 

Now, before I continue, let me be clear… 

I wasn’t selling a $100 phone consult or some $500/month coaching package. 

This was a $5,000 group coaching workshop. 

$5,000 for 2 days of coaching with 11 other entrepreneurs. 

And a stranger I’d met through Instagram wanted to send me the money so he could join. At first, I didn’t think he was serious, but I sent him the link and a few minutes later… 

I got a notification telling me I’d just made a $5,000 sale. 

But that was only the beginning... 

Because after I cracked the code to ORGANIC social media marketing... 

... Generating more than $2.4 million in revenue with nothing but my "dumb phone" 

... I asked myself a life-changing question. 

If I was able to make thousands of dollars a day with ORGANIC marketing... 

... What would happen if I simply "BOUGHT SPEED" and used paid advertising to grow my business? 


After talking with my team and hiring a few coaches to help make sure we got it RIGHT... 

We decided to build our first funnel and try running paid ads to it. 

At first... nothing seemed to work. 

We were losing thousands of dollars each week and struggling to get our first few sales. 

But then... 

After making a few simple tweaks to our copy and funnels (like the "Monster Downsell" you can learn about today)

... Things took off BIG time. 

We went from losing thousands a week to spending more than $3,000 a day... PROFITABLY. 

And since August of 2020... 

That ONE sales funnel generated more than $634,000 on about $310,000 in ad spend. 

That's more than $300,000 in extra PROFIT... 

From ONE funnel on ONE ad platform. 

Selling a product we'd already built. 

And getting PAID to acquire our dream customers. 

So today... I'm pulling back the curtain and revealing EVERYTHING my team and I have learned over the past few years.

And not only giving you the EXACT system more than 5,000 of my clients have used to DOMINATE social media marketing and generate an extra $1,000, $10,000 and in some cases even $40,000 a MONTH with free marketing... 

But showing you step-by-step how we took an old digital product we hadn't really sold in years.

... And turned it into a $90,000/month cash generating machine.

So YOU can scale your business like crazy and achieve the same types of life changing results I've already helped THOUSANDS of happy clients achieve in THEIR businesses. 


The "7-Figure Accelerator Bundle"  

An exclusive training program combining my all-time best courses and training (including hours of content typically reserved for my $30,000/year Unstoppable Mastermind members)

Right now... 

You have the opportunity to get the EXACT systems many of the world’s best entrepreneurs are using to predictably generate 6 and even 7-figure income streams online

The same step-by-step blueprint I give to my $25k/day coaching clients to help them quickly transform their businesses and make millions online. 

You won’t find this information on Google or YouTube and you certainly won’t find it from the mainstream gurus and influencers trying to make a quick buck peddling outdated info. 

But today, you have the opportunity to get the exact systems--including swipe and deploy campaigns, detailed posting schedules, word-for-word scripts, and deep dive interviews--immediately. 

Here’s just a quick teaser of what you'll get when you invest in the "7-Figure Accelerator Bundle" today: 

The Social Story Selling System ($997 Value)

One of my best-selling programs of all time. 

This is the EXACT blueprint that myself and thousands of my clients have used to generate MILLIONS from organic social media marketing... 

And it works whether you're a world famous influencer or a brand new entrepreneur with fewer than 1,000 followers. 
A system that's been proven in more than 300 niches and worked for entrepreneurs at EVERY level including…

  • The world’s #1 rodeo star who used the Social Story Selling System to build a 6-figure eCom brand selling belt buckles (nope, I’m not kidding).

  • ​Single mothers looking to make an extra $1,000/month to pay for their children’s private school tuition

  • ​Coaches and consultants who charge $5,000 a MONTH for their services

  • First-time entrepreneurs who have NEVER used social media before or sold a single product online

  • ​Brick and mortar stores looking to pivot their incomes and use the internet to save their dying business
And everyone in between. 

It’s worked for them and it will work for you too. 

Here’s a quick sneak peak of what you’ll get inside of the Social Story Selling program: 
  • A “Done for You” social selling schedule so you never have to wonder what to post or say… just swipe and deploy for instant results.

  • ​Word for word DM sales scripts so you can effortlessly convert even the most skeptical buyers WITHOUT ever picking up a phone

  • ​My 5X5 content grid and “7 Magic Marketing Words” that will give you an ENDLESS list of content ideas that will attract the right customers to your business like clockwork

  • ​The EXACT strategies top influencers use to “grow their gram” so that you can build a huge following without buying fake followers or investing thousands into expensive publicity campaigns.

  • ​My “Content Automation Blueprint” including the specific software I use so that you can “set and forget” your Instagram marketing and rake in thousands in new profits while only spending 10 hours a week on this system
AND, in honor of everyone's FAVORITE holiday (Ballantyne's Day 😉) I'm including these insanely valuable bonuses to help you get results even FASTER: 

  • An insider interview with one of my top clients who generates more than $140k/month using Instagram (you won’t learn these secrets ANYWHERE else) ($97 value) 

  • ​My “Customers on Command” and “LinkedIn Domination” training that will show you how to replicate my systems on other social platforms to generate even MORE income. ($197 value) 

  • ​The “Bicycle Model” for digital omnipresence that will teach you how to repurpose your Instagram content all over the web--like a Gary Vee or Grant Cardone--and attract a sea of raving fans without doing any extra work.

  • My 10 highest performing Instagram stories of all time (these made me over $100k) that YOU can “steal” for your business to make an extra car payment in a few hours ($197 value) 

But that's just the FIRST program you'll unlock when you get access to the 7-Figure Accelerator Bundle today. 

You'll also get instant access to... 

My Private 7-Figure Funnel Quickstart Training ($497 Value)

An exclusive "behind the scenes" look at the exact funnel my team and I used to generate more than $630k in new revenue in 2020. 

Previously reserved for members of my Unstoppable Mastermind... 

... You'll get to watch our head Copywriter Austin Gillis and Media Buyer Nic Korvessis breakdown EXACTLY how we built a 7-figure funnel from scratch. 

Inside of this exclusive training you'll learn: 
  • The "Monster Downsell" Formula that added $35 to our Average Order Value and allowed us to scale our advertising to more than $3,000/day 
  • The "Compliance Cheat Sheet" we used to spend more than $250k without getting our ad account shutdown (this is ESSENTIAL if you want to win the paid marketing game) 

  • Simple Order Form Conversion Hacks that helped us reduce our abandon cart rate by almost 8% (it might not seem like much... but when you have thousands of people visiting your funnel each month this is HUGE) 

  •  The word-for-word ad scripts and templates we used to generate a flood of eager-to-buy customers WITHOUT risking our Facebook account 

  • ​Our Top 3 Ad Creatives that helped us scale FAST (each of these made us $30,000 or more

  • ​The "Stupid Simple" media buying strategies we used to SLASH our learning curve in half and identify piping hot audiences WITHOUT wasting thousands of dollars on expensive targeting tests  

That's just a tiny slither of everything you'll learn inside of this advanced training. 

And when you're done... 

... You'll have the confidence you need to go out and create your very own 7-figure funnel. 

Whether you're selling coaching, information products, physical goods, or something else altogether! 

But that's not all you'll get today. 

Not even close... 

To help you improve EVERY part of your business at lightning speed, I'm also giving you access to: 

The "Words to Millions" Copywriting Masterclass ($497 Value)

An exclusive 3-hour masterclass I created with Early to Rise's head copywriter Austin Gillis where we breakdown EVERYTHING you need to know to turn words into sales and generate millions in your business. 

This masterclass works whether you've never heard of copywriting before or written dozens of winning sales letters.  

THIS is the skill that allowed me to go from a broke, anxious, struggling, binge drinking personal trainer... 

... To a millionaire by age 30. 

And this training ALONE is worth the investment in this bundle. 

Because when you learn how to say the RIGHT words in the RIGHT way at the RIGHT time... 

... Selling becomes easy. 

It allows you to turn EVERY blog post, email, and social media caption into a cash generating machine that makes money while you sleep. 

And inside this training... 

We'll reveal EVERYTHING we know to help you level up your copy and grow your business. 

From sales pages to Facebook ads to email marketing... we hold nothing back. 

Here are just a few of the tips and tricks you'll learn in this masterclass: 
  • The #1 mistake almost EVERY copywriter makes that DESTROYS their sales page before it's even written (fixing this allowed Austin to turn one of our WORST selling products of all time into our highest grossing info product of all time) 

  • EXACTLY how to structure your sales page for maximum sales and why you should DON'T need to be a good writer to write great copy. 

  • How to use a world renown copywriter's "OLOF Method" to add an extra $30, $40, or even $50 to your average order value. 

  •  The exact research secrets (including hidden "customer intel gold mines") Austin uses to write winning sales pages in 20 hours or less

  • ​The "4x4x4 Conversion Supercharger Split Test we use to generate THOUSANDS of extra dollars during our biggest email promotions.  

  • ​The 5-day "Profits on Command" Email Sequence my team and I use to regularly generate $15,000 or more EVERY time we run a promotion. 

  • ​And more 

And Because I'm SERIOUS About Seeing You Succeed... 

... I'll Even Throw in Some of My MOST Advanced Training to Help You Grow Your Business EVEN Faster!

By getting access to just ONE of the programs I mentioned above... 

... You'd have EVERYTHING you need to add an extra $1,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 to your bottom line THIS week. 

But I'm pulling out all of the stops because I'm SERIOUS about seeing you succeed. 

That's why this Ballantyne's Day ONLY, as a part of the 7-Figure Accelerator Bundle... 

... You'll also get access to: 

1. The 6-Figure Launch Formula ($97 Value)

Where you'll learn the step by step process my team and I have used to generate $100k or MORE in a single month with a new product launch. 

2. 8-Figure Habits & Productivity with Frank Den Blanken $147 Value)  

An exclusive training from one of my top 8-figure clients (who runs 17 different businesses!) where you'll learn the EXACT tools, planning strategies, and productivity frameworks multi-millionaire entrepreneurs use to get more done in a day than most do all month. 

You'll learn how he went from STRUGGLING at the 6-figure level... 

Working 80, 90, even 100 hours a week and dealing with crushing anxiety

... To building a $300,000 a MONTH fitness business and becoming one of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs I've ever met. 

3. The "Busy Parent's Empire Building Blueprint" with Vince Del Monte 

My long time friend and client Vince Del Monte, an INSANELY productive entrepreneur and father of 3 will be revealing the EXACT mindsets, habits, and strategies that allowed him to build a MULTIPLE 7-figure business... 

... While raising two kids and a new baby during one of the WORST economies in history. 

If you're a busy parent who struggles to find the time to "Do It All"... 

... This short training will be life changing. 

4. The Facebook Ads Accelerator Training with Robby Blanchard 

Where you'll get an inside look at one of the most successful Facebook advertisers on the planet and the World's #1 ClickBank Affiliate. 

Robby has spent well over $10MM advertising on Facebook and other platforms... 

... And in this training, you'll learn the EXACT scripts, systems, and strategies he's used to generate multiple 8-figures over the past 5 years and create one of the highest selling affiliate marketing courses on the planet. 

5. The "Perfect Customer Decoded" Training with Mark Evans

Every entrepreneur "knows" they need a clear customer avatar to win the game of online marketing. 

But fewer than 1% of them know what that REALLY means or how to do it correctly. 

And in this exclusive training, you'll get a masterclass in defining and decoding your perfect customer to SKYROCKET your income... 

... While working less than ever before. 

This is the "secret sauce" that allows top entrepreneurs to create winning offers in record time and speak DIRECTLY to their customer's deepest fears and desires (WITHOUT coming off like a sleazy salesman)
At this point… you’re probably thinking, 

“I’m sold on the system and OBVIOUSLY I want to learn how to build my own 7-figure Profit machine step-by-step 

But how much does this thing cost?” 

And that’s where things get really exciting. 

When you consider that I’ve literally had clients pay me $25,000 to show them this exact system, it’s safe to say that I could easily charge $2,000 for this information and you’d STILL be getting an amazing deal. 

ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that, on average, the clients who actually put in the work with the programs in this bundle generate a 500-1,000% ROI in their first MONTH.
But I’m not going to charge anywhere near that. 

Even though I'm POSITIVE that if you PUT IN THE WORK you could add an extra $5,000 or $10,000 in the next WEEK. 

... I care about YOU. 

And I don't want money to be the reason you aren't able to get access to the training you need to take your life and business to the next level. 

I know that with the “Corona Crisis” times are hard -- especially for entrepreneurs. 

Which is why I’ve decided to do something crazy. 

Normally, the 7-Figure Accelerator Bundle would retail for $1997. And even at that price, it’s a steal. 

But like I said… I care about you and want to make sure that you get all of the tools you need without jeopardizing your financial security. 

So, until this crisis passes, you can get the ENTIRE Social Story Selling System for a one-time payment of $797

Get started by clicking the button below.
      I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve NEVER offered ALL of these programs and trainings for such a low price before and I will likely NEVER offer them at this price again. 

      This is a one time only "Holiday Special" and once it's gone... it's gone.  

      And in case you’re wondering… yes, offering this system for such a low price benefits ME too

      Because once you apply it in your business and see the results you’re able to achieve with this ONE system, I’m confident that you’ll want more of my training and coaching (and better yet, you’ll be able to pay for it with a single video!) 

      My goal is to create customers for life and by giving you one of my most advanced systems for such a low price, I know that we’ll both benefit in the long run. 

      Plus, your purchase is completely secured and you if you try it out and it doesn’t work for you for any reason… you can get a full refund, no questions asked.
      The Ultimate "Child's Promise to His Mother" Guarantee
      Let me tell you a story about a little boy will do everything he can to make sure you succeed.

      Once upon a time, someone sold something to my mom that didn't work. She was upset, they lied and didn't stand behind the product they sold. My mom tried, but they wouldn't refund her money.
      On our ride home from the store, my mom gripped the steering wheel harder than anything I’ve ever seen. I remember feeling how frustrated and sad she was.

      Someone took advantage of her. No, someone took advantage of our entire family, and they did NOTHING to make it right.

      On that day, 4-year old me promised my mother I would always "give da money back, Mommy!" if you were ever unhappy with me. I would never be the type of person who didn’t make things right with my customers and clients.

      So listen, if for any reason within the next 90 days you feel that Social Cash Machine is not what you expected to send an email to and we will give you a full refund.

      I never want you ever to feel bad—that's why I want to put the risk 100% on the little 4-year-old boy who dedicated his life to helping other people transform. The little boy was me.

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